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Outdoor Spa & Sauna

When you stay with us, you can always take part in our spa. It consists of a traditional sauna with showers as well as a lounge with sofa groups and an outdoor jacuzzi. 

If you want to take part in the spa area, contact the staff at the reception.

Our spa is currently out of order as we are renovating. We make sure that a new jacuzzi comes in place and freshens up for the spring. 

The spa area opens up week 10 again.

Kolhusteatern - musical in a mill environment

In the old Kolhuset in Hälleforsnäs Bruksområde is Kolhusteatern, which is run by the non-profit association Kolhusteatern. Since 1996, they have been producing theater and musicals that every summer attract several thousand visitors. This summer, they put on the show "Rent". 

Kolhusteatern is a perfect summer activity for all ages, invite your family or group of friends and enjoy a musical that you will never forget!

Of course, Hotel Malmköping is a proud sponsor of Kolhusteatern.

Hike on the Sörmland Trail

Just outside the hotel you go right onto Sörmlandsleden, a nature experience that strengthens both body and soul.

Combine your hike with accommodation, food and good drink.

Of course, Hotel Malmköping is a proud sponsor of Sörmlandsleden

Tasting with Nils Oscar

Nils Oscar is one of the local breweries that Sörmland has to offer. Nils Oscar describes his beer as "simple beer with inspiration from classic beer styles. Our main strength is beer with a distinct malt character that is influenced by the modern beer world".

A wide range, with everything from non-alcoholic alternatives to stouts, ales and lager.

You are welcome for beer tasting with us together with a beer guide from Nils Oscar!

Theater Klämman

A cultural oasis in the middle of Sörmland

Teater Klämman is a relaxing cultural oasis with a borad range of entertainment in the form of concerts, theater, restaurant and bar with full serving rights.

Flens Golf Club

Flens Golfcolub offers a course that combinds both park- and forestlayout. With a par of 72 they offer beautiful and varied course. The course has both wide and narrow fairways, trickey waterhazzards and a few doglegs.

Björndammens furnace

Along side road 55, and only a few kilometers from the hotel, you will find the Björndammen furnace.

The carefully renovated building invites to various cultural events during the summer.