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We offer several different conference options to our conference guests. From 10 - 110 participants. In addition to this, we have five group rooms for about six people each. All conference rooms are modern, in a light coloring and located on the ground floor. They are equipped with modern technology and the large room also has a hearing aids. All conference rooms are accessible by wheelchair. The conference rooms have water, candy, fruits and materials for taking notes.

The conference rooms are equipped with a projector, whiteboard and flipchart.

The entire facility has free WiFi.


80 people "fishbone/school seating" + lecturer

64 people small groups + lecturer

36 people "U-seating" + lecturer

100 people "cinema seating"


30 people "school seating" + lecturer

24 people "U-seating" + lecturer

40 people "cinema seating" + lecturer


10 - 20 people "board seating"


12 people "board seating"

15 people "school seating" + lecturer

16 people "cinema seating"

More information

Our conference rooms adapted to the size of your group:

Lagmannen 35 - 85 people

Köpmannen 20 - 35 people

Borgmästaren 10 - 20 people "board seating"

Skomakaren 6 - 12 people

Grouprtooms up to 6 people

The conference rooms are offered on request

Kajsa Ekstrand, sales and booking manager, makes sure that your conference is exactly what you wanted.
- For me, it is important that I find the perfect solution for your conference. From first contact, to carrying our, and follow-up. Each piece of the puzzle is of great significance for you to get the most out of your conference.

Contact me for inquiries or quotes., +46(0)157-245 80


Full board single room* SEK 1,950 / pers
Full board double room* SEK 1,750 / pers
Day conference, conference room and meals SEK 545 / pers
The prices apply during 2020
* Conference rooms not included in price